Slow Computer Fix - 5 Sure-Fire Ways to Fix a Slow Computer

Published: 02nd January 2009
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Most people who own a computer know that the system can become very slow over time. This is a big problem and very annoying as it reduces productivity and causes every task to take much longer than necessary.

For this reason it is very useful to know the best means of cleaning and fixing a slow computer. Here are 5 sure-fire ways to fix your slow computer.

1. Scan your hard drive

Windows operating system has a feature build into it call Scandisk. You should start to make use of this feature on a regular basis as it can save your system from crashing while also speeding up the overall computer.

If you have you ever had to shut down the computer without using the correct procedure then you should run the Scandisk feature right away. This will help to combat the problems caused to your hard drive.

2. Remove programs on windows boot-up

One of the best ways to fix a slow computer right away is to reduce the number of programs that load when you boot-up windows. Basically, the fewer programs that you have means the faster your computer will boot up.

Besides slowing down your computer, the programs also delay the start of windows itself as they place a huge burden on the processing power.

3. Defragment your hard drive

Windows has a program installed that allows you to defragment your hard drive. This is a great procedure to run, as it will put your stored data back into a sequential order, as it becomes scattered over time.

Because the data is put back in a sequential order, Windows is able to access it much faster which gives you a faster computer over all. This is highly recommended.

4. Use a virus scan program

Viruses are the number one cause of computer problems and some of them are very difficult to detect. It is imperative that your run a virus check every week.

If you are able to detect and remove viruses and other malicious programs from your computer, then you will see an instant increase in the speed. There are many programs on the market, so take a free trial first and see which one you like best, before buying.

5. Registry cleaners

Registry cleaners have a direct impact on the speed of your computer. Registry cleaners will look for and repair thousands of common types of errors. Because all computers get infected with many unwanted files, data and other junk, this type of software is very effective and essential. Registry cleaners are very easy to use and offer in depth scans. Many people report them as more useful than virus scanners as they can remove a huge amount of unwanted data, which drastically speeds up your computer. The best registry repair tool on the market currently is called Regcure. Regcure can be downloaded for free and will scan and fix all registry errors encountered on your computer.

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